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I'm in my late 20s, and my boyfriend is in his early 30s.

It's a time when you're old and talking about marriage.

My boyfriend and I have a stable job and a good salary.

My boyfriend is 7000 before tax and I am 3,000 before tax.

He's the best guy I've ever met, and he's the one who takes care of me as I am, so I thought it'd be nice to marry him.

But as we talked about the wedding ceremony, I got to know about my boyfriend's family affairs and money.

My boyfriend's parents are divorced, and I'm living with my mother. We live together in my boyfriend's house.

I heard that my father had a different family. Your boyfriend's saved money.It's about 3,000.I don't think I even have a house.

She said that the house she lived in before she lived in was rented...He left the house and is living in a private house.

Even the man doesn't know how much his parents have, but he says he doesn't think he'll save much money.

(I have about 4,000, and if I get married, my parents can help me.)

I thought it was okay if I didn't have any money. It's a big deal for me that my parents don't have a home.I'm still at home. If I get married, I'll have to let her live out of the house or find her a house.

Talking about this to my parents... You said you were going to meet a really poor man.They can live hard together, but is there any guarantee that they won't open their hands to each other's parents?

If you want to live a life of sacrifice, it would be fine, but if you want to live a life of traveling and buying one or two things like you now, think again...

How do married men and women stand?

My boyfriend has a very good personality and personality. He is poor but has no sense of damage, and rather than complaining about the world, he lives a given life silently.

You studied on your own and graduated from a good place, and you lived with a student loan for your living expenses while receiving a four-year scholarship. First of all, Bonnie has paid off her debts and her family's debts.

If I get married, will I be able to live a happy life even happy life?

You can force it on one of these people, but... Marriage that I've been talking about since I was a kid is a reality, so if my parents disagree, I'll never do it.It's shaking.
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